Objetivo estratégico: alcanzar la excelencia en todas las actividades, para conseguir el liderazgo.
Engineering in its purest form


Concrete and metal structures; bridges and tunnels

Grupo Bárcenas specialises in the construction of structures, bridges, viaducts and factory works.

The group is pioneering in the use of innovative technology solutions in construction.  Our high degree of specialisation in construction, repair, rehabilitation, extensions, emergency building works and special actions, together with the sophistication of the materials we use, allows the company to be able to overcome the challenges arising, and always provide the most optimal solution for each situation.

As a way of example, a special mention can be made of the construction of the bridge over River Tajo in Talavera de la Reina, with a length of 726 meters. This construction consists of a 318 meters span cable-stayed bridge, which links the two banks of River Tajo at its widest section using a single span; an access viaduct with a length of 408 meters, two 36-meter edge spans and seven 48-meter central spans.

This cable-stayed bridge has a 36-meter wide deck with a double layer staying system and cables collecting the deck lengthwise at every 7 meters and gathering at a single pylon. This pylon is a reinforced concrete slanted mast of 174-meter height, situated on the upper face of the deck and it is cross-braced by a double layer of stays. The deck and pylon are made of high-resistance white concrete of 70 to 80 Mpa.

This bridge holds a world record for cable-stayed bridges with a single mast made of high-resistance pre-stressed concrete.