Objetivo estratégico: alcanzar la excelencia en todas las actividades, para conseguir el liderazgo.


Our History

Our first steps

Electricidad Jesús Bárcenas S.L. came into existence at the beginning of the 20th century when the current President’s grandfather, i.e. Jesús Bárcenas Torres (1882-1977) started to work as an electrician, thereby abandoning his habitual crafts trade. This took place as a consequence of the arrival of electricity to Valdepeñas supplied by ELECTRICA CENTRO ESPAÑA S.A. (owned by the Count of Romanones). As at the time there were no electrical installation companies established in the area, the employees of the electricity company complemented their work at the Company with that directly provided to their private clients, situation which helped them –not without considerable efforts- maintain the precarious family situation afloat.

Following the grandfather, it was the father, i.e. Jesús Bárcenas López (1920), who became an electrician too and followed the family tradition. Being a man with a business mind, after many years of work at Eléctrica Centro España S.A. and his own business at the same time, he decided in 1963 to give a major twist to his life –with all the risks involved- and devote his full time to his own company, which was involved in electrical assemblies and installations of all types (in residential properties, wineries, irrigation projects, public lighting, high and low voltage systems, transformers and everything relating to electricity). He carried out these activities until 1979 when by reason of his health and following medical recommendation he was forced to abandon the management of the company.  By then the company was already consolidated in the region and reputed as highly professional with a significant client portfolio. At the time the company was employing five people, as well as the father and the son.

Jesús Bárcenas López (1953), a grandchild and a representative of the third generation, became the sole manager of the company (1979), a position he had been sharing with his father.  For the following two years he planned the new steps for Electricidad Jesús Bárcenas, attaining a commitment and agreeing to a growth program with the employees in the company.

In 1982 he incorporated the company as ELECTRICIDAD JESUS BARCENAS S.L. with a share capital of one million pesetas, disbursed by the married couple. From that moment onwards the project was positively accomplished, the working geographic area was extended, going from serving the local and district-wide market to a more regional and national scope and the target of new clients. At this point he was awarded the title of Government Contractor. The company was officially approved by Unión FENOSA S.A., Compañía Telefónica Nacional de España and various engineering and architecture consultancies. Following consolidation of this first stage, the company began to work for national construction companies, electrical companies, various Ministries of the Regional Board of Communities of Castille La Mancha, Ministries, Provincial Councils, Town Councils, industrial estates and a long list of all types of clients, whilst also taking care of the habitual clients.

In 1987, due to company growth, new premises were built in the industrial estate of Valdepeñas with an area of 1,500 m in order to house the various business areas: the technical, commercial, administration, workshop, warehouse and ironwork areas.

In 1993 a new growth stage started and a new division was opened in Ciudad Real.  These premises occupied an area of 300 m.

In 1998 a quality assurance plan was developed for the company, which was AENOR certified. (ISO-9001)

In 2000 and following several stages of company expansion, the company had a share capital of ten million pesetas, which in addition to the relevant reserves, added up to one hundred and seventy million pesetas.  During the life of the company no dividends were distributed so the funds were always reinvested in the company.

In 2002 the company was granted an award as a QUALITY ASSURANCE BUSINESS issued by Unión FENOSA S.A. We are the only company in the electricity assembly and maintenance sector in Spain, together with another Galician company, to be awarded this denomination.

The company was awarded the prize of the Federación Comarcal de Empresarios de Valdepeñas FECEVAL in 1995.

In 2001 we received the prize of the provincial newspaper, i.e. LANZA Vino Blanco.

In 2002 we gained the recognition of Company Group Unión FENOSA.

Jesús Bárcenas Martín (1977, a representative of the fourth generation) joined the company in 2003, following completion of his studies in Industrial Engineering and having helped in the various areas of the company during his school holidays since he was 10 years old. He occupied the position of Vice-president – Managing Director in all the companies within the group.

In 2004 the company obtained official approval as an electrical assemblies company by IBERDROLA S.A.

In 2006 the company implemented an environment management system certified by AENOR. (ISO 14001)

In 2008 a management system was developed for the prevention of health and safety risks, certified by OHSAS (ISO18001)

In 2008 we were awarded the first prize of CEOE-CEPYME of Ciudad Real to A LONG-HISTORY COMPANY.

In October 2008 Jesús Bárcenas López died (1920 – 2008).  He was an essential asset for the company, as he set the grounds for the current group Grupo Jesús Bárcenas.  This project would not have been attained without his contribution, example and wisdom.

In 2009 the divisions of Puertollano and Toledo were opened.

In 2010, we were recognised as Regional Achievement Business by the Hermandad Regional de Donantes de Sangre (e.g. the regional association of blood donors)

In 2010 we were awarded a best business group recognition by Populares Cope.

In 2011 we sponsored the Alzheimer World Congress as part of the work carried out by our Corporate Social Responsibility Area.  This congress was organised by the Fundación Reina Sofía fund and the Fundación Maragall fund.

We have also contributed to the work of several associations and Non-Government organisations.

In the last few years we have made significant investments for a sum exceeding twelve million euros.  These investments have reflected into our current premises, installations and human resources, which are the following:

Since 2007 we have been working on a new business line in civil works and public works, as well as environment and water management.  In this sense public works, civil works, water treatment and road works have been accomplished, amongst others.